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Revive Moment is a mobile massage company in London that provides the best quality treatments in the comfort of your home. At the moment we offer the following services: Classic Massage, Relaxing Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Anti-cellulite Massage, Pregnancy Massage.
Our massage therapists are fully insured and qualified to provide the treatments we offer, you are in safe hands with REVIVE MOMENT.

– If you had a tough day at work or stress overwhelmed you we recommend you have a relaxing body massage to unwind your mind and body, all these combined with better night sleep, will offer you the best treatment that your body needs.

– If you worked hard at the gym or in general your body is full of stress and tension then we recommend you having at-home a deep tissue massage to release your muscles tension and boost your energy for the next day. Deep Tissue Massage is considered the most effective treatment to help restore health especially for chronic aches and pain and contracted areas such as a stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders. As result, your body will feel more supple and rejuvenated.

Revive moment therapists can be with you within an hour from 7 am until 11:30 pm. You can use our safe booking tool to choose a massage treatment, pick a time suitable to you and choose a therapist that is near you (in your area).
Booking with Revive Moment you can be 101% sure that in return you will get quality body massage therapies.

With super quality massage treatments that we offer you at the most affordable prices in London in the comfort of your home or office. to show our gratitude for our new clients we have an offer of 10% off for their first at-home massage treatment using the “PROMO10”

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London Mobile Massage: Why It’s Better to Have a Massage at Home

Massages at the spa are great, but some people just don’t have time to make it there every week. Thankfully, you can book mobile massage services through London Mobile Massage and get quick and convenient care right in your own home. Here’s why it’s better to have a massage at home.

The advantages of having a massage at home

If you are looking for massage therapy in home, then London Mobile Massage is the right choice. We offer massage home service with at home massage therapist who can come to your house or office. When you have a full-body massage at home, you don’t need to worry about the therapist having enough time for your whole body because it isn’t necessary for them to travel from point A to point B. You can also save money on petrol by getting an at-home session!

What you should look for when hiring a mobile therapist

Looking for the best mobile massage service in London? We are here to offer you some advice. First, if you are in need of help with muscle massage or bodywork, it is better to go see someone who can provide this in their own home. Mobile massage London provides this service and is happy to bring it right into your living space. Secondly, find out the therapist’s background and find out more about their education and expertise. On our website Revive Moment all our therapists are fully qualified and insured + DBS checked. You are in safe hands having at home massage from Revive.

How long should your treatment be

A Swedish massage is the most common type of massage and has many benefits including improving circulation, relieving muscle tension, and giving relief from aches and pains. As such, our recommended treatment sessions are 90 minutes long. However, if you need more time for your Swedish massage session then this can be arranged with our therapist. Our masseuses can also offer pregnancy massages, reflexology massages, deep tissue massages, etc.

Where you should get your next treatment

A mobile massage therapist is perfect for those who don’t have time or the desire to go out in public. Whether you need an hour-long treatment, a 90-minute, or 120-minute one, the service can accommodate your needs. This is also perfect for individuals who are on the go and need to find time in their day for self-care. Plus, it’s much more affordable than going to a spa! Revive Moment is the perfect place to get a massage in the comfort of your own home, hotel, or office.

The aftercare tips you must know

When you get a massage, it’s important that you take the time to stretch and exercise your sore muscles. This will help them recover and feel better faster. If you don’t have time for a full stretching routine, here are a few quick stretches to get you started. Hold each position for 15-20 seconds. -Reach over your head with one arm. Use your other arm to pull the first arm towards your head and hold for 15-20 seconds. Repeat on the opposite side of your body.