Californian Massage

Californian Massage

Indulge in the soothing and unique experience of Californian Massage, which belongs to the same family as Swedish and Esalen massages. This massage technique is characterized by long, fluid, and harmonious movements that envelop and contour the body. The therapist performs these movements with variable rhythm, infused with attentiveness and gentleness. Along with rocking and stretching motions that encourage relaxation, tailored manipulations enhance muscle release based on the client’s preferences. The application of oil adds to the massage’s smoothness and enhances the art of touch.

Procedure and Benefits

During a Californian Massage session, which typically lasts between one and two hours, the client will lie face down. The therapist begins with gentle strokes using both hands, massaging aromatic oils onto the back, from the neck to the lower legs, and occasionally the feet. As the client’s breathing slows, the therapist applies full-body strokes, paying close attention to areas of tightness or knots. After the client flips over, the same techniques are applied to the front of the body.

The benefits of Californian Massage are diverse and abundant. It supports overall physical, nervous, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. The massage promotes better irrigation of tissues through the drainage of venous and lymphatic circulation. The flowing movements induce deep relaxation and reduce stress, leading to a sense of euphoria and improved emotional well-being. Californian Massage also enhances circulation and blood flow, vital for maintaining wellness.


While Californian Massage offers numerous benefits, there are situations where it may not be suitable. If you are pregnant, we recommend opting for our specialized pregnancy massage instead. If you have recently undergone surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or have any other medical condition, it is advisable to consult with your doctor before starting massage therapy. If you prefer a firmer massage, we suggest trying our Deep Tissue Massage or exploring other services we offer.

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