Classic Massage

Classic Massage

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of Swedish Classic Massage, also known as “Swedish massage.” This whole-body therapeutic treatment focuses on the soft tissues and muscles, aiming to restore your overall health and promote a sense of calm and balance in your nervous system.

Techniques and Procedure

During a Swedish Classic Massage, the massage therapist utilizes various techniques such as stroking and gliding, kneading, friction, tapping or pounding, and vibration. These techniques are applied with light to medium pressure, tailored to your comfort and preferences.

When you arrive for your massage, the therapist will provide you with privacy and time to undress and lie down on the massage table. You can choose to be fully naked or wear minimal clothing, as per your comfort level. The therapist will uncover one area at a time, focusing on the specific areas of your body.

To enhance the massage experience, the therapist will use massage oils or lotions and employ long, slow strokes and gentle but firm pulling and pressing to warm your muscle tissues. Relaxing music is often played during the session, contributing to a serene atmosphere. However, if you prefer not to have music, simply let the therapist know.

Considerations and Aftercare

It’s important to note that if you are pregnant, we recommend our specialized pregnancy massage instead of Swedish Classic Massage. If you’re seeking a deeply relaxing experience, we suggest trying our Relaxing Massage or other suitable services.

After the massage, it is common to feel thirstier and have an increased need to visit the restroom. This is due to improved lymph circulation and the body flushing out toxins. Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and support the detoxification process.

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